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To whom it may concern :

This is a recommendation letter for my old friend De-Hsiu Chan.  He is an artist, born with diligent and creative thinking, always pursue local and global view to a subject and showing a unbelievable talent.

1978 both of us studied at National Taiwan University of Arts. At the interview to enter Department of Painting and Calligraphy, the director questioned him about his wishes for the college life -- he clearly claimed that he will devote his whole life to arts. And afterward he did prove this excellence on every field.  

It is my honor to be with him for four years in college life, at that time his thinking was very aggressive and advanced, very sensitive to the outside world, very touching by the simple thing of beauty. He was wining couple of painting competitions, for example, 1981 Taiwan Best Artist award, 1982 the Best Collage Artist award, and The Best Student of Fine Arts award. Again and again he was showing his interpretation of arts.

After the graduation he gave up the comfort zone and went to Belgium Royal college of Arts to study. After that he stayed at Europe for quite a long time. To look for the exchanging experience of different cultures and to expand his open mind to different worlds. This move did create a big jump on this painting style.

Recently after seeing his painting, my mind is almost overwhelming by his expression of motion in the painting. His oriental spirit mixed with western style of painting, very rare to see in the calligraphy field. It is reaching a hard to believe level.  

At the last, I like to conclude my feeling with four words about his paintings, “Rare” , “Fantastic” ,“Simple” , and “Soft”

Wish his paintings could bring the happiness to the whole world, it is such a honor to showing my support to him. Please call me if you have any questions.


Sincerely Yours,


National Taiwan University of Arts ,  Professor  Jin-Tao Lin

Director,   Department of Painting and Calligraphy